Quality label

Totaal Inburgering has the quality label of Blik op Werk. Blik op Werk is an independent institute for quality and knowledge.

Blik op werk quality label

The Blik op Werk quality label verifies the quality of a language course or integration course. Only through a school with the Blik op Werk quality label, you can request a DUO loan in order to learn Dutch.


Totaal Inburgering employs qualified NT2 teachers. NT2 teachers are specialised in teaching Dutch as a second language. They are experienced in supporting and guiding people who wish to integrate. Differentiation helps teachers to be of service to people with different levels. The teacher explains, demonstrates and practises with the participants so they can work independently and at their own levels afterwards.

Teachers apply the totaal inburgering basic method. This method is based on motivation, activation and giving confidence, in order to build on the participant’s self-confidence to use the Dutch language.


Encouraging participants to continue to practise, also outside the lessons, has an influence on the development of the learning process.


A class has a maximum of 15 participants. Literacy course classes have a maximum of 12 participants.  Participants attending a literacy course and those preparing for the state examination are not in class together because of the difference in level. Participants of levels other than literacy course level can be in the same class so they can help and encourage each other. Participants also get personal assignments at their own level. Instructions are always given in Dutch.


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