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What is DUO?

DUO stands for Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs and this is a state body for the implementation of education in the Netherlands. On behalf of the government DUO enforces the ‘Wet Inburgering’. DUO also assigns study grants and is responsible for integration examination and for NT2 state examination.

Applying for a study grant

Integration costs money. The course and the examination are at your own expense. You can apply for a DUO study grant to compensate for this. DUO only assigns grants to people who study at a school carrying the Blik op Werk quality label, like Totaal inburgering.

Assitance with applying for a grant

At the intake interview we can help you apply for a grant. After sending the application it can take 6-8 weeks before getting a reply. If you would you like to do the application yourself, please go to inburgeren.nl


All forms for application for a grant, for specification of hours, for application of exemption or dispensation can be downloaded. 


All brochures can be downloaded at Arrange it with DUO under the heading “Brochures”.


If you wish to become Dutch you must pass the integration examination first. Passing the NT2 state examination also meets the requirements. If you are interested please read more about naturalisation on the IND website. You can also call the IND. Their phone number is 088 043 04 30.

Examination regulations

The examination regulations cover what is and what is not allowed during an exam. Please view Examen Reglement DUO for all instructions.

Contact details

Phone number: (050) 599 96 00
Servicecentrum Inburgering
Postbus 764
9700 AT Groningen

Contact form: https://www.inburgeren.nl/footer/Contact-met-DUO.jsp


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