Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Civic Integration?

    Integration is important to understand each other well. It is important that everyone is aware of how the Dutch society works. If you speak Dutch, you can easily get in contact with other people, find a good job and arrange your affairs.

    Residence status and integration

    Anyone with a residence permit will eventually have to integrate. This is one of the conditions to permanently stay in the Netherlands. You can integrate by doing the integration exam. For this, you need to pass the exam within three years. This is stated in the ‘wet inburgering’. You can find out more about the procedure at If someone fails to do the integration exam he or she will run the risk to lose the residence permit.

    DUO herein is the leading authority. DUO is also responsible for the exams and the loans granted for the integration courses.

  • Where can I follow your courses? Lesson times, locations, starting opportunities

    The Totaal Inburgering schools are spread out across the Netherlands. Do you want to know if we have a location nearby? Please check our locations

    Lesson times
    The lesson times differ from each location and are between 9.00 AM and 9.30 PM. Lessons for Literacy, Integration and State Exam will be conducted during different part of the day.

    Would you like to know more about the possibilities at the location of your choice? Please contact us and schedule a free intake. One of our colleagues will be more than happy to help you and tell you about the possibilities.

    During the intake
    At first the following possibilities will be discussed during the intake;

    – What is your starting level;
    – Which days are impossible for you to attend classes;
    – Our advice regarding the length of your course.

    After this is defined in a contract, you can sign and send it back to our headoffice. We will the arrange for you to be in a class. Generally, you can enroll in an existing class. You will receive a letter with the date and time of the first day of class. Plus, you get sent home the lesson material before the first day of class. Should there not be place directly into an existing class, you will be placed on a waiting list. Of course you will be notified might this occur. Once a place is available, you can start with the class.

    On average you can start with your lessons within three weeks after the interview.

  • Who's teaching me the Dutch language?

    Our teaching staff is selected on experience and have to be certified NT2 trainers. On top of this our teachers work with the proven basic methodology as developed specifically for Totaal Inburgering. You can read more about this at our learning method.

    Our teachers know what the exams entail and are trained on getting our students ready for these exams. They help during the actual study but also provide a safe and comfortable environment. They will stimulate our students to build up confidence and make a proper start.

  • Our courses

    Our Dutch Integration Courses are mainly focussed on learning Dutch for Non-Native speakers. (Dutch as a second language – NT2 in the Netherlands).

    Totaal Inburgering: Literacy courses, Integration courses and State Examination NT2
    We offer the following courses in the Netherlands:  Literacy Courses, Civic Integration Courses, State Examination (on B1 and B2 level). These lessons will always be in a (small) group and Dutch will always be the main language.

    Totaal Training
    A large variety of organizations and institutions have the desire or duty to improve the level of the Dutch language skills of their employees and beneficiaries. Totaal training offers this in combination with other skills such as specific (professional) technology application skills and / or cultural traditions and traditions.

  • Classes and learning methods

    A maximum of 15 students will be present in a class, a literacy class will even have a maximum of 12 students. For example: A student who enrolled in a Literacy class will not be in the same class as a student who is learning for his State Examn.

    Students of diferent levels will be present in the classroom (until a certain level); because of this students will be able to help and stimulate each other. Besides this, each student will have assignments on his or her own level. For each course (literacy, integration, state examination) we have different learning methods. we will only put those students in one class with the same learning method.

    Learning method
    The Basic Approach expects each client to be committed to participate in activities, within personal boundaries. Being idle is merely a race to the bottom and has a negative effect on self-image and self-esteem. Being active helps the client to experience success and confidence.

  • What do the exams look like?

    6 different components of the exam apply. Please refer to to find out which components you need.

    Dutch language:

    -Speaking skills;
    -Listening skills;
    -Reading skills;
    -Writing skills

    Knowledge of the Dutch society:

    -Knowledge of the Dutch society;
    -(ONA) How to navigate on the Dutch labor market

  • ONA explained

    ONA consists of two components:

    1.Assembling a portfolio
    2.And a final interview

    With the help of 8 result cards topics such as career choices, job opportunities, work culture, skills and training are covered . The result cards have to be bundled and returned to DUO (examination office) for approval.

    Approval by DUO

    Final interviews

    Totaal inburgering offers ONA as a seperate module, apart from the integration courses. The course will consist of a block of 15 lessons, covering the following subjects:

    -Explanation on how to make a result card;
    -Practicing a final interview;
    -Consulting hours during the lessons to answer any individual questions and to practice for the final interview.

    A student will at least has to be on A2 level to start with this module.

  • Prices

    Prices depend on the duration of the course and on the number of classes you will attend. During an intake interview the options will be discussed.

  • Where can I loan money?

    You can apply for a loan at DUO. Of course we van help you applying for this loan if this is something you desire.

  • What is DUO?

    DUO stands for Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs and this is a state body for the implementation of education in the Netherlands. On behalf of the government DUO enforces the ‘Wet Inburgering’. DUO also assigns study grants and is responsible for integration examination and for NT2 state examination.

  • Statement of hours

    You can get a statement of hours by downloading the first document on this page:

    Fill out your personal details on the form en send this to:

    Totaal Inburgering
    Attn. afdeling Backoffice
    Naritaweg 70
    1043 BZ Amsterdam

  • Contact

    Do you have a question? Would like to register for a free intake? You can contact us through our contact form, call us, send us an email or consult our various social media accounts (at the bottom of this page)

    Nationwide coverage
    Totaal Inburgering is aiming to have a nationwide coverage Do you live in the Eastern Netherlands and are you interested to learn more about integration programmes? In the Eastern Netherlands we work together with Vluchtelingenwerk where our teachers give lessons. If you are interested to attend courses in this region you can contact Vluchtelingenwerk directly.


Questions about DUO

  • What is DUO?

    DUO stands for Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs and this is a state body for the implementation of education in the Netherlands. On behalf of the government DUO enforces the ‘Wet Inburgering’. DUO also assigns study grants and is responsible for integration examination and for NT2 state examination.

  • To apply for a loan at DUO

    Applying for a study grant

    Integration costs money. The course and the examination are at your own expense. You can apply for a DUO study grant to compensate for this. DUO only assigns grants to people who study at a school carrying the Blik op Werk quality label, like Totaal Inburgering.

    Assitance with applying for a grant

    At the intake interview we can help you apply for a grant. After sending the application it can take 6-8 weeks before getting a reply. If you would you like to do the application yourself, please go to

  • My integration

    Arrange it with DUO

    Arrange your Civic Integration? Take care of it by logging in at DUO or with one of their forms. Read their brochures about naturalisation en the exam rules carefully.

  • DUO - a short summary in different languages

    DUO has several short summaries written in different languages regarding the Civic Integration.

    For more information you can surf to their website:

  • DUO Forms

    All forms for application for a grant, for specification of hours, for application of exemption or dispensation can be downloaded.

  • DUO Brochures

    All brochures can be downloaded at Arrange it with DUO under the heading “Brochures”.

  • Naturalisation

    If you wish to become Dutch you must pass the integration examination first. Passing the NT2 state examination also meets the requirements. If you are interested please read more about naturalisation on the IND website. You can also call the IND. Their phone number is 088 043 04 30.

  • Examination regulations

    The examination regulations cover what is and what is not allowed during an exam. Please view Examen Reglement DUO for all instructions.

  • Statement of hours for DUO

    This form can demonstrate that you have tried your best to integrate, but it means you are unable to integrate. You can use this advice for you naturalisation application or your residence permit at IND. It is wise to send the form to totaal inburgering first. We will send the application to DUO for you.

  • Childcare

    Are your children attending some sort of day care? And are you enrolled in an integration course at a school with the ‘Blik op Werk quality label’? It might very well be possible that you can get some money back from the tax authorities. This is called ‘childcare allowance’. You can apply for this allowance at the tax authorities.

  • Contact with DUO

    Do you have a question for DUO? You can call them, send them a letter or fill out their contact form.

    Telephone: (050) 599 96 00

    Servicecentrum Inburgering
    Postbus 764
    9700 AT Groningen

    Contact form:

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