Integration Course

Integration course at totaal inburgering
You moved to the Netherlands trying to find a new life. Your life. According to Totaal Inburgering connecting with people and being able to participate starts with understanding the culture and speaking the language. Totaal inburgering offers you a place at school where you can feel at home and where you are supported all the way in your search for a new life. Teachers working at Totaal Inburgering have a lot of experience with people with a similar background as yours and they know exactly what to do to support you.

Taalcompleet Teaching Method
Totaal Inburgering makes use of the “TaalCompleet”teaching method to teach people the Dutch language.

TaalCompleet is a teaching method which focusses on vocabulary development and the four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Grammar and spelling are also covered. You work on your study skills which helps you understand what is important for the integration examination. The teaching method is suitable for classroom education, for education in small groups and for private education. The teaching method includes online assignments which enable people to work in the comfort of their own homes; the system gives direct feedback.

Duration of your integration course

The results of the intake interview determine the duration of your totaal inburgering integration course. Totaal Inburgering offers courses of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months, and classes are held 2 or 3 mornings or afternoons per week. From experience totaal inburgering knows that most people pass their exam when opting for the course duration of 12 months and when taking class 2 mornings or afternoons per week.

Dutch labour market orientation (ONA)

If by law your integration obligation was dated on or after January 1st 2015, or if you wish to naturalise and your integration obligation was dated after January 1st 2015, taking the Dutch labour market orientation module Oriëntatie Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt is compulsory for you. We offer this module with our Integration courses and also with the NT2 State Examination courses.

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