Complaints regulations

Totaal inburgering very much values a good and transparant relationship with its clients. Delivering services is the work of human beings. No matter how careful our actions, a mistake can be made or a client can be discontent about our services.

In order to guarantee that complaints are dealt with with the utmost care totaal inburgering drew up complaints regulations. These regulations apply to all sorts of complaints clients of totaal inburgering may have.

To download the complaints regulations click on ‘Download Complaints Regulations’ on the right of this page.

Filing complaints

Complaints can be filed through this webiste but also by telephone or in writing.

Postal address

totaal inburgering
Attn. Afdeling Klachten
Naritaweg 70
1043 BZ Amsterdam



088 – 00 494 94
For filing a complaint about any situation.

You can download the document about complaints regulations.

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