Prices depend on the duration of the course and on the number of classes you will attend. During an intake interview the options will be discussed.

The price is all-in* with the exception of the DUO examination fees. We do not compensate for travel expenses and day care centre expenses.

Included in the price:

  • All teaching materials like schoolbooks, online excercises, example examinations and  mock integration examinations. 
  • Classes are held 47 weeks per year.
  • 3-Hour classes are held two or three times per week (depending on your wishes and the options at your location).

Not included in the price:

Integration examination fees are not included in the price. For fees please check the DUO websiteIntegration examination fees.

Course contract

During the intake interview a contract will be drafted customised to your situation. Upon your agreement please return the signed contract to our head office. The contract stipulates the duration of your course and the corresponding price. It is possible to take a 3-month course and it can sometimes take up to 24 months to complete it.

Assistance with applying for a DUO loan

Applying for a DUO loan may take a lot of your time. During the intake interview we can help you with applying for a DUO loan to pay for your integration, if this is needed. Ultimately, DUO  must confirm its consent to grant the loan.

For more information please go to

*As an educational organisation we are exempted from VAT.

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