Learning method

Totaal inburgering developed a learning method as a basis for its activities: the totaal inburgering Basic Approach.

Basic Approach 

The Basic Approach expects each client to be committed to participate in activities, within personal boundaries. Being idle is merely a race to the bottom and has a negative effect on self-image and self-esteem. Being active helps the client to experience success and confidence.

Motivation and activation

The totaal inburgering basic approach gets people going and it contributes to people’s self-confidence and independence. The positive effect of this basic approach is hinged on two universal human qualities: Motivation and confidence. Action is instigated when it is expected to be rewarded with a positive result. That is motivation, an essential element for participation and for finding a job.


Action is also instigated when someone expects to be capable to do what has to be done. Confidence is a decisive factor for success. Clients are encouraged to rely on their determination and pro-active qualities.

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