Literacy Course

Do you know anybody who has not learned to read and write in his or her own language? Illiteracy can restrict people in their day-to-day living.  The literacy course offered by Totaal Inburgering helps people learn how to read and write.

In this situation it can be very difficult to work, to complete important forms, to travel or to help (grand)children with their homework. Wouldn’t it be great if they learned the Dutch language? People who can read and write in their own language but who do not know the Dutch alphabet (from A to Z) are called different-illiterates. They too can sign up for our literacy course. At this course people are taught to read, write, speak and listen in Dutch.

Step by step the Dutch language comes to life for non-Dutch speakers and they learn to express themselves more and more in Dutch. When they have a reasonably good command of Dutch they can proceed to the integration course. This course prepares people for the integration examination.



We use a specific method for migrants who are illiterate in their own language  and who do not speak and/or understand Dutch either. The method applied by Totaal Inburgering is “7/43”. This method is based on the idea that people can only learn to read and write after oral methods of language teaching.  7/43 is mainly focussed on technical reading and writing, and includes 7 subjects. Writing is practised using 43 basic words. These words are relevant to the 7 subjects.


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