NT2 State Examination Components

The NT2 state examination includes several components. DUO subjects participants to the NT2 state examinations.

NT2 State examination reading component
The NT2 state examination reading (reading skills) is taken digitally. You read a few short pieces of text on the computer about which you will also be asked questions.

NT2 State examination writing component
The NT2 state examination writing (writing skills) is taken with pen and paper. You are asked to write short letters and to complete a form.

NT2 State examination speaking component
The NT2 state examination speaking (verbal skills) is taken digitally. During the exam you must speak and understand Dutch. You watch some videos and answer questions.

NT2 State examination listening component
The NT2 state examination listening (comprehension) is taken digitally.  You answer questions about videos and you listen to the texts. These texts can be about going to the doctor or going to school.

NT2 State examination ‘Knowledge of Dutch Society’ component     
The NT2 state examination ‘Knowledge of Dutch Society’ is taken digitally. You are shown short videos of typically Dutch situations. For example going shopping or going to the dentist. After each video you are asked a question.

‘Dutch labour market orientation’ component  (ONA)
The examination ‘Dutch labour market orientation’ is about work and looking for work. You get home assignments and school assignments. Completed assignments must be sent to DUO. To do so you must use cards. These cards are called Resultaatkaarten. DUO checks your assignments. Then you get an interview with DUO. During this interview you are asked questions.

Do you want to know if ONA is a compulsory component for you? Please click on “Information about ONA” on the top of this page for more information.

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