NT2 State Examination course

The NT2 state examination course focusses on passing the NT2 state examination at level B1 or B2. Depending on how fast you learn and on your educational background you take the exam at level B1 or B2.

NT2 State Examination level

If you intend to enroll for a course at intermediate level (MBO), higher level (HBO) or academic level (WO) it is recommended to do the NT2 state examination. Be sure to get informed about the entry requirements at the organisation that offers the course of your choice.

Depending on how fast you learn and on your educational background you take the NT2 exam at level B1 or B2.

If you attended secondary school in your country of origin for a minimum of 3 years, we reconmmend you to start at level B1.

State Examination Certificate

  • A state examination certificate 1 (B1) entitles you to attend MBO courses in the Netherlands.  
  • A state examination certificate 2 (B2) is a stepping stone for higher education or academic education (HBO or WO).  

Passing the NT2 state examination allows for exemption from the integration examination.

Duration of your course 

Totaal Inburgering bases its decision of your NT2 state examination course duration on your results at the intake interview. Totaal Inburgering offers 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24-month courses, which include morning or afternoon classes twice a week. Totaal Inburgering knows from experience that most people pass their exam when choosing for the 12-month course and when taking class twice a week.

Dutch Labour Market Orientation (ONA)

If by law your integration obligation came into effect as from January 1st 2015, or if you wish to naturalise and your integration obligation came into effect after January 1st 2015, taking the Dutch labour market orientation module Oriëntatie Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt is compulsory for you. We offer this module with the NT2 state examination courses and also with the integration courses.

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