Registration procedure

You would like to integrate but you don’t know how to go about it? Totaal Inburgering helps you with this concise abstract of the registration procedure. At an intake interview we endeavour to answer your questions and inform you of the options.


At the intake interview you will be assessed in order to determine your command of Dutch. This assessment can also take place prior to the interview on the website of Kleurrijker (note: time starts immediately). This link can also be found in the letter to confirm your appointment. The intake interview takes about 1,5 hours including the assessment, and about half an hour excluding the assessment.


Based on a consultation and the result of the assessment we will advise you about which course to follow. By consent a contract will be drawn up and will have to be signed by you.

Starting procedure

Upon receipt of the signed contract by our administration department, the starting procedure takes effect. You will receive the course material at your home address and you will also receive a letter of invitation for your first course day.

Waiting list

In the unlikely event that you cannot immediately be placed in a class, you will be notified timely. We do our utmost best to have you start lessons as soon as possible.


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